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The lights went out and a bulb came on

The lights in my office went out, and I decided I didn’t want to die in the next three years. Yes, these are related.

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I’m a lazy shopper

Coupons on the interwebs caused me to waste money. I’m also too lazy to care about them.

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School != Learning

Not that I’m super old, but my priorities have shifted significantly over the last 2-3 years as I further cement my place in the “middle age” category. (You’re welcome, U.S. Census.) Having experienced losses and challenges definitely nudged the process along, although I wish it didn’t always take so much sadness and regret to remind […]

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Of House and Home

I’m thankful for where I live, and frustrated at the same time. Why am I always homesick?

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M.I.A. (Moms I Admire) – Sharelle Klaus

When my work and life intersect, and lead me to discover an inspirational woman, I just have to share it with you. Read about the CEO of DRY Soda, Sharelle Klaus.

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The Oreo TV ad lies.

It’s been over 3 months since my previous blog entry, and I had every intention of coming back on a positive note: ROAR! But today, it’s going to be more of a meow. Funny how grief actually helps me focus on things. Whenever a stressful situation strikes, my first reaction is to step up and […]

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Skipping Valentine’s Day on Purpose

My husband and I never celebrate Valentine’s Day. The reason has been a bit of a secret until now…

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Share your strength with children

Mom used to say: “There are starving children in China!” The sad truth is, there are hungry children in the United States of America. This holiday season, I’m grateful for the support from Intranet Connections, PEMCO Insurance and Honora Pearls. Please join me and my colleagues/friends in helping to put an end to this situation. Thank you.

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Watch out, Yelp! All the cool kids are Foodspotting!

Do you Yelp? Well, here comes something meatier: Foodspotting!

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High school homecoming – 17 days to go

“Girls are always venting to me,” Ty said while cleaning up after dinner. I smiled and waited for more. “Have you decided what to do about homecoming?” I mentioned casually. “I’ll probably go with my friends,” he shrugged. We chatted about about what he will wear for the occasion. “You don’t plan on asking anyone […]

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