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The Seesaw of Connection and Privacy

When it comes to my behavior on social networks, “connections” and “privacy” are always at two ends of a seesaw in my head. Which end are you on? Where do you draw the line?

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Using Social Networks for Customer Feedback + List of Free Tools

My experience in using social networks to listen for customer feedback for a retail brand, plus a list of my favorite free tools. As presented to Product Management Consortium on January 22, 2010.

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Tiptoeing into social media

The January 2010 issue of “Benny Bear Bulletin” (company newsletter) just came out today. On the front page is an article written by Marc D. Bridge. (Marc is an Associate Counsel at Ben Bridge Jeweler, and the son of Co-CEO Ed Bridge.) Here’s the PDF file of the front page for your reading pleasure. Last […]

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Your business on social networks: less push, more pull

If you’re a business on Facebook or Twitter, two recent changes may have you thinking about  your strategy a little more carefully. Facebook changed the default homepage to the “News Feed/Live Feed” format, and a lot of users are voicing their displeasure. In protest, messages are being spread among frustrated users on how to reset one’s […]

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I am “Ben Bridge Girl.”

I’ve worked at Ben Bridge Jeweler for 12 years. When I started, the corporate office was running on sneakernet. I was the first person to get a flatbed scanner and use Powerpoint at manager meetings. I converted a huge handwritten open-to-buy binder into an Excel workbook. I consistently achieve my objectives with very limited resources, and get a […]

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Poke, poke.

For the record, I’m anti-poking on Facebook. FB hugs, ignored. FB quizzes, hidden. FB farm animal tossing or drink passing, rejected. Basically, I’m just a party pooper on Facebook. No fun at all. There’s one game I don’t hide if my FB friends play it, and that is Bejeweled. My very talented friend Joey Trimmer […]

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Getting and Sharing

Social Media Club Seattle held its 2nd event on February 24, 2009, on Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. Chris Heuer, founder of Social Media Club, came to speak on the topic of “Making a Business Case for Social Media. The event had sold out one week prior, and a waiting list was growing.  People were […]

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