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I’m a lazy shopper

Coupons on the interwebs caused me to waste money. I’m also too lazy to care about them.

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M.I.A. (Moms I Admire) – Sharelle Klaus

When my work and life intersect, and lead me to discover an inspirational woman, I just have to share it with you. Read about the CEO of DRY Soda, Sharelle Klaus.

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You’ve built it, but why should we come?

Ok, here are a few questions I’ve been dying to ask my friends: Of all the brands you follow on Twitter, how many have you recommended to family or friends? When was the last time you entered to win something on Facebook AND shared it with friends? Do you use a “junk mail” email address […]

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OMG, We Don’t Have a Social Media Command Center!

Oh wow! What’s a “social media command center?” Do you have one? Does your company need one?

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1% or 100%?

Since arriving at Ben Bridge in late 1997, I’ve heard an interesting idea being taught at many meetings: We don’t have to be 100% better in 1 way, just 1% better in 100 ways. (I’m paraphrasing a bit because the saying changes slightly from time to time.) It is usually used in the context of […]

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Twitter is not a blow horn for businesses

Hotel Max and the Roger Smith Hotel are both great examples of customer engagement via social media for the hospitality industry.
I’m taking those lessons and applying them to what I do for Ben Bridge Jeweler and its social media efforts, while observing and learning from other examples in the jewelry industry.

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How to turn your customers into heroes with just 1 tweet

You, too, can make your customer a hero with just 1 tweet. Learn the secret from Intranet Connections.

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Your business on social networks: less push, more pull

If you’re a business on Facebook or Twitter, two recent changes may have you thinking about  your strategy a little more carefully. Facebook changed the default homepage to the “News Feed/Live Feed” format, and a lot of users are voicing their displeasure. In protest, messages are being spread among frustrated users on how to reset one’s […]

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All that glitters is… for the children.

What usually comes to mind when you think of a jewelry store? The sparkle, glamour, and romance? The jingle in the commercial? I work at the corporate office of Ben Bridge Jeweler. You won’t find shiny display cases full of jewels here. There are 2 floors of cubicles, a few meeting rooms, and a low-key […]

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I am “Ben Bridge Girl.”

I’ve worked at Ben Bridge Jeweler for 12 years. When I started, the corporate office was running on sneakernet. I was the first person to get a flatbed scanner and use Powerpoint at manager meetings. I converted a huge handwritten open-to-buy binder into an Excel workbook. I consistently achieve my objectives with very limited resources, and get a […]

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