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On employee advocacy and magic

This past Wednesday, I gave a short talk to my organization at Microsoft about magic. Not tricks, but the feeling. In the context of the mission of our organization, there’s magic in learning. That magic happens when someone runs her first program, or solves a complex infrastructure challenge, or scores a new job or promotion. […]

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The lights went out and a bulb came on

The lights in my office went out, and I decided I didn’t want to die in the next three years. Yes, these are related.

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Will it all become one big sharing party?

In some ways, the act of sharing online is beginning to take away from moments and experiences in my life. Have you noticed the same in yours?

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The Seesaw of Connection and Privacy

When it comes to my behavior on social networks, “connections” and “privacy” are always at two ends of a seesaw in my head. Which end are you on? Where do you draw the line?

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You’ve built it, but why should we come?

Ok, here are a few questions I’ve been dying to ask my friends: Of all the brands you follow on Twitter, how many have you recommended to family or friends? When was the last time you entered to win something on Facebook AND shared it with friends? Do you use a “junk mail” email address […]

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Social Media: Set It and Forget It?

Have you been tempted to use Twitter automation tools? Does “set it and forget it” ever work for social media?

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A New Professional and Personal Adventure

After 13 years at Ben Bridge, I’m embarking on a new professional and personal adventure, with my head and heart full of your support.

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OMG, We Don’t Have a Social Media Command Center!

Oh wow! What’s a “social media command center?” Do you have one? Does your company need one?

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Are You Using The Original Location Based Service?

Many of you are already using a location based service (LBS), for business or fun. Do you cross-post your locations to other social networks? Why or why not?

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Using Social Networks for Customer Feedback + List of Free Tools

My experience in using social networks to listen for customer feedback for a retail brand, plus a list of my favorite free tools. As presented to Product Management Consortium on January 22, 2010.

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