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On employee advocacy and magic

This past Wednesday, I gave a short talk to my organization at Microsoft about magic. Not tricks, but the feeling. In the context of the mission of our organization, there’s magic in learning. That magic happens when someone runs her first program, or solves a complex infrastructure challenge, or scores a new job or promotion. […]

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“What does your husband do?”

How do you describe your spouse or partner’s work to others? I wrote a quick post to answer this FAQ at social functions.

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I put the money where my mouth is.

If you know me, you already know I speak my mind. And now, I’ve put the money where my mouth is. Literally. Ahhhhhhh, see it? Actually, what you would see are two transparent devices, with metal hinges and wires in and around them. They’re orthoses for treating temporomandibular disorder (often known as TMJ disorder or […]

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The lights went out and a bulb came on

The lights in my office went out, and I decided I didn’t want to die in the next three years. Yes, these are related.

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I’m a lazy shopper

Coupons on the interwebs caused me to waste money. I’m also too lazy to care about them.

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Will it all become one big sharing party?

In some ways, the act of sharing online is beginning to take away from moments and experiences in my life. Have you noticed the same in yours?

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School != Learning

Not that I’m super old, but my priorities have shifted significantly over the last 2-3 years as I further cement my place in the “middle age” category. (You’re welcome, U.S. Census.) Having experienced losses and challenges definitely nudged the process along, although I wish it didn’t always take so much sadness and regret to remind […]

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Of House and Home

I’m thankful for where I live, and frustrated at the same time. Why am I always homesick?

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In which I question my own blog

One of my favorite bloggers and friend, Brett Nordquist, met with me over lunch a few weeks ago. His first question to me was: “Why don’t you write more?” Gotta admit, I knew that was coming, and I’m glad he asked. So here I am, logged into my WordPress blog again. And again, I’m greeted […]

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The Oreo TV ad lies.

It’s been over 3 months since my previous blog entry, and I had every intention of coming back on a positive note: ROAR! But today, it’s going to be more of a meow. Funny how grief actually helps me focus on things. Whenever a stressful situation strikes, my first reaction is to step up and […]

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