On employee advocacy and magic

This past Wednesday, I gave a short talk to my organization at Microsoft about magic. Not tricks, but the feeling.

In the context of the mission of our organization, there’s magic in learning. That magic happens when someone runs her first program, or solves a complex infrastructure challenge, or scores a new job or promotion. Every day, in over twenty years of Microsoft Learning’s history, these fantastic moments happen for people who use the huge variety of learning resources we produce to achieve their goals in life and work. Being in a external-facing role, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to see and hear about these moments and successes, but for many of my colleagues who are so focused on making things happen in our offices, studios, or labs, it can be easy to forget that everything they do is turning into magic out there.

I had five minutes to help them remember that their work is magical, and what may seem like ordinary activities to them everyday are in fact what makes a real difference for our customers. Their work and passion about learning and teaching are worth sharing. In these times of rapid technology advances and organizational shifts, the “people” part often gets lost. It was good to see the nods and smiles among my colleagues as I spoke. It was even better to receive notes from them after the meeting, asking about how they can share more and connect with our customer communities.

Forget the content platforms. Never mind the social media tools. Talk to them about magic. This is the stuff that fuels an employee advocacy program.


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    Sounds like you are an MCT candidate – passing on the magic feeling is a great privilege!

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