“What does your husband do?”

“What does your husband do?” It’s a fairly common question, and one that you’d think would be pretty easy for me to answer. Most of the time, a simple “he’s in the military” will suffice with acquaintances. He doesn’t usually talk about his work, either. Not that his current duties are anything secretive, but the way of the “quiet professional” is very much part of his work ethics.

His military career has evolved over the years. As I write this post, he has just returned from Thailand after a two-week conference that focused on improving multinational communications interoperability. Many countries in the Asia Pacific region participate in this conference every year, with representatives from government agencies, military branches, nonprofit organizations and the private sector. They gather to prepare and connect with each other, so they can rapidly and effectively establish communications during disaster relief and humanitarian operations. I haven’t been debriefed yet :) but it sounds like he delivered some kickass training sessions and gave a spiffy interview to the Air Force Times.

Over the past few years, he has trained, promoted and mentored many. It’s always great to hear about his former troops moving on to bigger and better things. While his expertise is often sought out to help various units with audits, transitions and other processes, he is good at maintaining a people focus while balancing it with the missions and needs of the organizations. His knack for training is also evident in the way he works with newer paragliding passengers and pilots, but that’s another topic. :)

During most of his work trips, our communications are sporadic at best. The last two weeks was very different. There was pretty regular connectivity, so we were able to keep in touch via Skype on his Surface. Of course, it’s still better to hear about his trip in person, especially now that he’s home to do the grilling, just in time for the US Labor Day weekend.

MSgt. Theodore Sopher, June 2012

MSgt. Theodore J. Sopher (June 2012)

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  1. Jaco
    Posted September 3, 2013 at 8:41 am | Permalink

    MSgt? back home (SA) we have a Sergeant Major.

    Nice write up. 😉

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