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In my experience, brands that have compelling stories to share are better equipped to leverage social media. Many companies don’t have that luxury and need to invest in the creation of stories first, and it can be done. However, when a brand already comes with a human voice and personality, it’s already ahead of the game.

Such is the case with DRY Soda.

Sharelle Klause (front/right) at DRY Soda taste tour launch

Before I go further, let me disclose up front that I’m currently working with DRY Soda and having a great time with it. I have never written about a client on my personal blog, but the DRY Soda story resonated with me personally and I wanted to share it with you. Besides, I was already a fan of DRY Soda before working with them.

In addition to being the Founder/CEO of a fast growing, well loved beverage brand, Sharelle Klaus is a wife and a mother to four beautiful children. She enjoys good food and spending time with friends. For many years, she couldn’t have alcoholic beverages with a nice dinner or while out with friends, because she was either pregnant or nursing. Not being able to pair wine with dinner, or have some bubbly on special occasions, left Sharelle feeling like she was missing part of the experience. I know exactly what she means. :) (If you know me or follow me on Twitter, Instagram, etc., you know adult beverages have a fair amount of presence in my life. Ok, fine, it’s a constant presence.)

Being a mom, Sharelle is careful about food and drink choices for her children. She wants to give her family healthy options without¬†sacrificing taste and fun.¬†Mass market soft drinks are definitely out. All the “natural” sodas out there leave something to be desired: flavor, sugar content, additives, etc. I’m a mom, too. I’ve also checked and double checked all the soft drink choices available in my local supermarket, and usually walk away from that aisle, shaking my head.

The combination of these experiences, wishes and needs propelled Sharelle to create DRY Soda. Her story speaks to me: as a mom, a wife, and a fan of good food, good drinks and good times with friends. She turned her own life experiences into a product that so naturally (pun intended) finds its way into people’s lives. As I said in my previous post, whatever message a brand sends out, via traditional advertising or social media, it has to be relevant in its audience’s lives, or it won’t get very far.

As my friend Jen Zug reminded me recently: “We are most successful/joyful/productive when we’re true to who we are.” I see Jen practice this in everything she does, everyday, and I see the same spirit in Sharelle. Stories of “mompreneurs” inspire me, and I hope to make it a regular feature on my blog. I’m thinking of going after Maya Bisineer, Founder of Memetales, next. :) Stay tuned!

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