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Using Social Networks for Customer Feedback + List of Free Tools

My experience in using social networks to listen for customer feedback for a retail brand, plus a list of my favorite free tools. As presented to Product Management Consortium on January 22, 2010.

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1% or 100%?

Since arriving at Ben Bridge in late 1997, I’ve heard an interesting idea being taught at many meetings: We don’t have to be 100% better in 1 way, just 1% better in 100 ways. (I’m paraphrasing a bit because the saying changes slightly from time to time.) It is usually used in the context of […]

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Tiptoeing into social media

The January 2010 issue of “Benny Bear Bulletin” (company newsletter) just came out today. On the front page is an article written by Marc D. Bridge. (Marc is an Associate Counsel at Ben Bridge Jeweler, and the son of Co-CEO Ed Bridge.) Here’s the PDF file of the front page for your reading pleasure. Last […]

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