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Watch out, Yelp! All the cool kids are Foodspotting!

Do you Yelp? Well, here comes something meatier: Foodspotting!

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Vote of confidence

At the beginning of October, I entered a “talent search” for a 6-month blogging gig. When the voting period closed on November 6, I had 1,037 votes! Over one thousand clicks, for me! Thank you to all my wonderful friends and their friends who rallied around me. I appreciate every tweet, every Facebook link, and every […]

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Your business on social networks: less push, more pull

If you’re a business on Facebook or Twitter, two recent changes may have you thinking about  your strategy a little more carefully. Facebook changed the default homepage to the “News Feed/Live Feed” format, and a lot of users are voicing their displeasure. In protest, messages are being spread among frustrated users on how to reset one’s […]

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