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From shoelaces to neckties

Saturday morning. There was definitely excitement in the air, but I took my time getting ready. By the time I came downstairs, Ty was ready to go. What followed was a shopping marathon: new dress shirt, shoes, haircut, the works. Normally, clothes shopping is one of the worst form of punishment for Ty, but there […]

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Pushing boundaries

This past Sunday was a beautiful sunny autumn day in the Northwest. TJ and I took Ty with us to a tweetup held at Mack & Jack’s brewery in Redmond, WA. Our friend Evonne organized it. It was also her birthday. About a dozen Twitter friends enjoyed a fun afternoon together. The weekend before, we took […]

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All that glitters is… for the children.

What usually comes to mind when you think of a jewelry store? The sparkle, glamour, and romance? The jingle in the commercial? I work at the corporate office of Ben Bridge Jeweler. You won’t find shiny display cases full of jewels here. There are 2 floors of cubicles, a few meeting rooms, and a low-key […]

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Good mood!

If we’re already connected on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably already heard about my application to the Nature Made SAM-e Good Mood Gig. What I’m competing for is a 6-month contract blogging gig (“Good Mood Gig”) that comes with a monthly stipend and a laptop. The winner of the contract will write 5 blog posts a week […]

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I am “Ben Bridge Girl.”

I’ve worked at Ben Bridge Jeweler for 12 years. When I started, the corporate office was running on sneakernet. I was the first person to get a flatbed scanner and use Powerpoint at manager meetings. I converted a huge handwritten open-to-buy binder into an Excel workbook. I consistently achieve my objectives with very limited resources, and get a […]

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High school homecoming – 17 days to go

“Girls are always venting to me,” Ty said while cleaning up after dinner. I smiled and waited for more. “Have you decided what to do about homecoming?” I mentioned casually. “I’ll probably go with my friends,” he shrugged. We chatted about about what he will wear for the occasion. “You don’t plan on asking anyone […]

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A New Home

Welcome to the new home of Veronica Wei Sopher! If you’ve arrived by way of my old “Weiward Girl” blog, thank you for continuing to read and support me. Just as my physical home needs maintenance and redecorating, this site will also improve and evolve as I learn and grow. By the same token, I welcome you […]

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