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Walk the puppy

This blog was born on December 1, 2008. This is the 12th post. Like several other posts, this one started with a nudge from one of my favorite bloggers, Brett Nordquist. A great mentor and friend, Cheryl Nichols, says starting a blog is like getting a puppy. She makes a good point. Starting and maintaining […]

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Ty got his 1st pair of eyeglasses today. He’s been anticipating its arrival for over a week. I suspect he really likes them. He had spent quite some time selecting _the_ frame after his eye exam 10 days ago. Instead of showering him with “mom’s opinion,” I suggested that he ask a young lady clerk […]

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Adapting to Changes to Twitter @ Replies.

A tweet from Jeremiah Owyang this morning reminded me to jot down my thoughts about changes to Twitter’s @ reply rules and how users have adapted to it. The Problem: For those who aren’t familiar, Twitter users previously had the option of choosing to see all @ replies (including replies to those they don’t follow) […]

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